Why does Vero request my phone number?

Like many social apps, Vero requires an active phone number to create an account.

We do this for 4 reasons:

  1. To make it harder to have bot and fake accounts on Vero.
  2. To give a user more security for changes on their accounts (also called 2FA)
  3. To authenticate your Vero account. Users who have your phone number in their address book can you find on Vero.
  4. Users who have your phone number can send you a Connect Request even if you have turned Connect Requests off. This is great for people who don't want to receive Connect Requests from people they don't know but do want their friends to still be able to connect with them. 

Vero does not share your phone number with anyone, nor is it visible to any other user.  We ask for it to prevent bots and fake accounts as well as to improve your overall experience.

For more information see How do I connect with friends?

Please see https://www.vero.co/vero-manifesto for more information on why we request it and to learn about Vero’s vision and values.

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