What is the difference between Followers and Connections?

When you follow someone you will immediately have access to their public posts which you can view in your feed, or by tapping on their profile. You will appear in their Followers list but he/she won’t see your posts unless they follow you back or visit your profile (assuming you have "Follow" turned on).

When you send a connect request to a user, he has to accept it before you can see any of their private posts, posts shared with connections for your loop. 

The way that the loops work is as follows:

  • Posts shared to "Close Friends" can only be seen by people you have marked as "Close Friends".
  • Posts shared to "Friends" can be seen by both those you have marked as "Close Friends" and "Friends".
  • Posts shared to "Acquaintances" can be seen by those marked as "Close Friends", "Friends", and "Acquaintances".
  • Posts shared to "Followers" will be seen on the stream of those who are following you as well as all of your Connections ("Close Friends", "Friends", and "Acquaintances"). These posts are public posts and are visible to anyone who searches for and looks at your profile. 

You can also Direct Message your Connections via Vero’s chat function.

If you were previously following this user you will be removed from their followers' list as you are now more than a follower, you are connected. Connections are never made public.

For more information, see What is the level of privacy on Vero?

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