How & when will I be notified by the app?

On Vero, you can view a history of all your notifications under the bell icon in the top menu.

You will receive a silent banner notification when:

1. Someone likes your post
2. Someone comments on your post
3. Someone starts following you.

You will receive an audible notification when:

1. Someone mentions you in a post
2. Someone writes to you in a chat.

You can manage your notifications in the Dashboard:

1. Tap on Settings and scroll down to “Push Notifications."
2. Tap on Preferences and you can set:

> Allow Notifications = On/Off
> Likes: From Anyone/Connection/Off
> Comments: From Anyone/Connection/Off
> Mentions: From Anyone/Connection/Off
> Chats: On/Off
> Connect Requests: On/Off
> Follow: On/Off 

You can also change your phone's system settings to make sure that you are allowing notifications for the Vero App. You can also set up your alerts, banner styles and enable Sounds and Badges.

It is important to note that when someone (even a connection) posts, you will not be notified. Instead, you will see this pop up quietly in your stream.

For more information about Chat Notifications, see How do I change settings for a chat?


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